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Volunteers Wanted for Clarkson BIA Committees and Events

There are 5 committees that are currently looking for team players:


Promotions ///

The Promotions Committee advocate on behalf of our membership; promote our members and the goods and services they provide. New ideas are always welcome to help us to promote the Clarkson Village as a place in which businesses thrive; residents live, work and play; and visitors feel welcome.


Beautifications ///

The Beautifications committee plan the vision of the Clarkson Village ‘look’ to get the most visual display to compliment Clarkson Village. New ideas and suggestions would be discussed and committee members would help plan the budget and implement this vision.


Membership ///

The Membership committee helps organize special events and activities for the Members/Merchants of the Village such as seminars and Meet & Greets. They are also responsible for keeping a current list of all active Merchants in Clarkson for all our Business Directories as well as welcoming new Merchants to the Village.


Communications ///

The Communications committee is responsible for The Clarkson BIA’s website and social media. They also provide creative direction to some of the content for the Clarkson Corners newspaper, as well as producing our quarterly newsletter The Villager which is hand delivered by the Directors to all our Members/Merchants.We are looking for individuals who are creative and enjoy working with our media content to keep the Village Merchants and Residents updated with all the latest news.


Special Events ///

The Special Events committee hosts a number of events each year. Halloween Fun Fest and Christmas In Clarkson have been held for many years and we are looking to add new events of interest to our residents and businesses. Each event requires a group of volunteers to make it happen. We are looking for individuals who would be willing to volunteer some of their time to assist with the planning and preparation for our annual events.


If you are interested in joining any of our Committees or would like additional information please contact Lynn Still, Chair – info@clarksonbia.com

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