What Is A BIA?

Business Improvement Area overseen by board of local business owners.


Who are we?

The Clarkson Village BIA Board of Directors consists of a team of like-minded business people and property owners from within the Village who volunteer their time for the following mandates:

  • To oversee the beautification & maintenance of the Village
  • To promote the community as a shopping district
  • To promote and assist merchants as the needs arise
  • To advise merchants of proposals that may affect their business and operations through regular communications

In accordance to the Municipal Act and acknowledged by the City of Mississauga By-Law, the Clarkson Village BIA has been established since 1988. The Village boundaries are located between east of Southdown Rd through west of Meadow Wood Rd on the Lakeshore in the City of Mississauga. Setting up and establishing a business in this location results in automatic membership to the Clarkson Village BIA. There are currently 145 established businesses within the membership of the Village.

The current Board of Directors was established in January 2015. Through regular monthly meetings and the support of the City of Mississauga and Ward 2 Councillor, Karen Ras the Board of Directors carries out the above mandates through various activities which includes:

  • Maintain constructive relationships with Council, police and other special interest groups who affect the Clarkson community
  • Host 3 annual events throughout the year: Summer In The Village, Halloween Fun Fest & Christmas in Clarkson
  • Maintaining an official website: www.clarksonbia.com
  • Host an Annual General Meeting for the members/merchants
  • Work within the proposed budget presented at the Annual General Meeting
  • Serve as an information resource for all members utilizing email and newsletters
  • Create and maintain a more customer friendly environment through use of signage, flagpoles, seasonal street banners, benches, lighting and planters


How does this affect you?

  • Share your ideas, comments and constructive concerns with the Board of Directors
  • Support other members/merchants
  • Volunteer on any one of the sub-committees: Membership, Promotion, Communication or Beautification
  • Keep yourself abreast of what is happening in the Village by reading the newsletter, emails and other correspondence
  • Support our social media outlets: Facebook & Twitter: ClarksonBIA
  • Consider advertising in our local newspaper “Clarkson Corners” & Annual Business Directory
  • Support our promotion’s partner “The Haze FM” Mississauga online radio

Together We Can Build A Stronger Business Community

Stay Connected.

Clarkson BIA
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