Associate Membership Policy

Associate members are provided exclusive BIA services


To establish Associate Memberships of the Clarkson Business Improvement Area (CBIA)

Associate members will be provided the following services for an annual fee to be set by the CBIA Board:

  1. Listing on
  2. Listing in the print Clarkson Business Directory
  3. E-Newsletters communications of up-to-date information and opportunities
  4. Participation in events where appropriate
  5. Participation in promotions & advertising exclusive to BIA members
  6. Participation on Committees where possible
  7. Input into events, advocacy, heritage/urban design guidelines, promotions and advertising
  8. Other issues relating to the economic development of our business community (such as Strategic Planning, parking etc.)
  9. More than one business listing will be permitted within one commercial space – example – wellness clinics with several practitioners each requesting listings

An Associate Member will receive all of the services listed above, but will not have voting rights, or be able to participate in CBIA beautification or maintenance programs.

Associate Membership will be available to an expanded geographical area including Clarkson Road (North and South) south of Queen Elizabeth Way; Southdown Road south of Queen Elizabeth Way; Lakeshore Road West from Meadow Wood Road to Lorne Park Road and south Queen Elizabeth Way; Royal Windsor Drive to Winston Churchill Boulevard and Lakeshore Road East to Winston Churchill Boulevard providing the business operates from a commercial property. Going forward exceptions will be considered on an individual basis as long as there is no competition or duplication with a business within our boundary.

Final decision is at the discretion of the CBIA board of directors.


Last updated: June 9, 2015

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